HBO Premiere

World Broadcast Debut: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14th on HBO 1 & HBO Latino

That night, there will be a one-time audio stream of the film with audio description on ACB Radio (American Council of the Blind). After watching the film, log onto this website for a Q&A with Monica, David & filmmaker, Ali Codina. We are thrilled that HBO chose October, which is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Tune in and spread the word!

Tune In

HBO 1 & HBO Latino*

October 14th | 8pm ET/PT, 7pm CT

October 17th | 3:45pm ET/PT, 2:45pm CT

October 20th | 8:30am ET/PT, 7:30am CT

October 20th | midnight ET/PT, 11pm CT

October 23rd | 9:30am ET/PT, 8:30 am CT

October 26th | 2:15pm ET/PT, 1:15pm CT

HBO 2*

October 18th | 6:00am ET/PT, 5:00am CT

November 3rd | 8:00pm ET/PT, 7:00pm CT

November 6th | 6:00am ET/PT, 5:00am CT

ACB Radio

October 14th | 8:00pm ET, 5:00pm PT, 7:00pm CT

This is a one-time audio stream of the film with audio description, for the blind and visually impaired.

To tune in, visit:

*HBO Latino has Spanish subtitles. HBO is closed captioned for the hearing impaired. For MT, please check with your local cable provider, as times tend to vary.

Take Action

  1. Join the discussion: Download the free Discussion Guides & log onto this website on October 14th for a video Q&A with Monica, David and filmmaker, Ali Codina.
  2. Watch & Share: Join our online Video Community. We’ll post new videos on a regular basis about people with disabilities from around the world. Post a 30-90 second clip on YouTube, or send us the link to your favorite YouTube video on the topic.
  3. Donate: The Accessibility Fund will make the website & film available to individuals who are deaf, blind, or visually impaired.
  4. Volunteer: Join Best Buddies, sign up for a NDSS Buddy Walk, or visit our U.S. Resource page for more ideas.
  5. Help Create Jobs: Become a radical agent for change by creating jobs for adults with disabilities.

Visit the Take Action page for more

Host a Screening Party

Gather with friends to tune into HBO and have a party! We would love to keep track of who’s watching, so please register your screening. We won’t share this information, unless you “make this screening public”.

Don’t forget to download a Discussion Guide & visit this website on October 14th for a Video Q&A with Monica, David and the filmmaker, Ali Codina.

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