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ACCESSIBLE, BILINGUAL DVD RELEASE–Educational & Home Video Edition DVDs both include:

AUDIO DESCRIPTION—for people who are blind or vision impaired—ENGLISH (feature film, menu & all bonus material) & SPANISH (feature film only). AD produced in collaboration with Joel Snyder & Audio Description services.

ENHANCED SUBTITLES—for people who are deaf or hearing impaired—ENGLISH & SPANISH (feature film & all bonus material).

Search for these options in the DVD’s “language & accessibility” menu.



Help create awareness, dialogue and change in your community, company, school or organization!

This DVD includes the feature film as seen on HBO; 5 deleted scenes; and 5 exclusive videos featuring adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities, their families, and national advocates discussing key issues introduced in the film. Topics include: employment in the community; healthy relationships; sexuality; independence and families letting go; and reflections on society. Featuring: Jason and Emily Perl Kingsley, Lawrence-Carter Long and Terri Couwenhoven.

What is an Educational DVD? An educational DVD includes a license (permission) to show the film to groups of people. It also allows you, the individual (and also organizations/companies) to take action and effect lasting change in our society. It includes exclusive extra features and bonus materials to help you do this.

What is the most common use of an educational DVD? Educational DVDs are often used by corporations, schools, libraries, community groups and by community leaders like yourself who are moved to create social change through the power of film to inspire awareness and dialogue.

DVD, HOME VIDEO (North America) Buy Home Video

DVD includes the feature film as seen on HBO, along with deleted scenes and a special bonus feature, “Employment in the Community”. Audio description & closed captioning available for all material.

**10% of all DVDs sold from this website benefit the Exceptional Theater Company (ETC)–Monica and David’s favorite organization. Our stars are two of 300 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who perform with ETC. Check out David and Monica starring in ETC’s “Beauty & the Beast” in the DVD’s Deleted Scenes. **ETC only gets your support if you purchase the DVD here.

Legal disclosure: home video copies are only for personal at-home viewing.  To share the film with larger groups, please see below to purchase a copy of the Educational Edition. Thank you!

DELETED SCENES–Educational & Home Video DVD include 5 bonus scenes of Monica, David and their family. See more of your favorite couple!

In North America, the DVD is also available via: Netflix, iTunes & Amazon.

DVD Releases around the World

THE NETHERLANDS–Cinema Delicatessen is distributing a home video DVD to Dutch audiences.

TAIWAN–PerfectManCor is distributing a home video DVD.

*Visit the “TV” page to see where the film’s airing around the world.