Help Create Change

What You Can Do Now: 4 Easy Ways to Create Change

  1. Learn More
    Begin to understand the issues by visiting the “Learn More” section of the website, watch Featured Videos, and explore Resources.
  2. Become a Champion for Hiring a Person with a Disability
    Ask your employer to hire a person with a disability, or if you frequent a business, encourage them to.  An internal champion is the best advocate for creating jobs and ensuring a good environment.  Walgreens is a great example of this—Randy Lewis, a top executive whose son has autism, dreamt up a fully-accessible distribution center, and saw a 20% increase in productivity.
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  3. Share Your Story via YouTube
    Do you have a great story to share?  Post a 30 second to 2 minute video on YouTube, and send us a link.  We’ll feature our favorites on this website.  We’re looking for stories of adults with disabilities working in the community, dreaming of the future, and love stories.
  4. Stay Informed
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Coming Soon!

We are working with partner organizations and individuals to understand the best way to affect serious change on a local and national level.

Action Items will include:

  • Fact Sheets for employers & aspiring employees
  • Model Programs & Stories to bring to your local community & workplace
  • Improving Accessibility
  • Legislative Items
  • Value & Acceptance
  • Discussion Guides to go beyond what you see in the film